Rebecca Matthews: WED Magazine

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Rebecca Matthews, Editor of WED Magazine inspired Journalism students how she and her colleague, Brenden Sleeman set up the wedding magazine in Cornwall and Devon and how they made it work.

Matthews and Sleeman set up WED Magazine in 2007 within the space of twelve months, they created WED because it was a niche magazine. “The best thing about the wedding industry is the revenue, you have to buy something for it. WED has all the information needed before your wedding,” said Matthews.

They both knew they had to be different to the other wedding magazines to make theirs stand out. Sleeman said: “We didn’t want it too girly, pink and frothy, we wanted to make sure that the groom would pick it up so we didn’t make it overtly feminine.”

To make WED Magazine stand out, they needed to get the design right. The designer who’s background was designing surf magazines so he wasn’t entrenched in what wedding magazines should look like which the pair explained was good because it would make them stand out.

The pair explained how without the internet and blogging they wouldn’t have done as well as they have now. “If it wasn’t for the internet some of our customers would never find us,” explained Sleeman. They both decided at an early stage of the development that they needed an online base as well, Their online magazine now gives them double the marketing revenue. They realised that for their online blog to be popular they needed to make sure to blog everyday, “Whether it’s an event, opportunity, anything,” said Matthews.

They finished their inspiring talk by giving everyone a copy of WED Magazine and straight away by looking at the cover you can see exactly what they mean, how much love and effort has gone into creating the magazine, and why it’s doing so well.


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