Sam Lynas: How to create an online audience

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Sam Lynas, a BA Journalism graduate from Falmouth University inspired, enthused and taught aspiring jouralism students on Monday 20th February, how to create an online audience. Lynas gave the students a lot of helpful advice, including reason why it’s key for journalism students to blog and how writing online is a good practice, builds ‘social authority’ and can lead to amazing opportunities.

The London-based Journalism alumni who has made his way up the media ladder graduated in 2009, currently freelancing at Munro and Froster, a specialist healthcare company based in London. Lynas worked for Barefoot Media in Cornwall woking for clients which include restaurants, beach events, food producers and festivals.

One of the main points Lynas made on how to generate large audiences online is that you need to make sure that your content is interesting, original, consistent and affordable. Lynas said: “The key thing to remember when trying to build an audience is creating the best content you possibly can – content is king.” He went on to explain how consistency is another important factor when generating your audience. “People don’t like surprises. It’s much better to blog consistently,” said Lynas.

Another point that Lynas gave the students was: “You have to put your audience in a box… it’s really good to have in mind knowing the sort of person you’re trying to attract”. Lynas told the students that they should really think about who is reading their blog before they begin making one or writing a post. He told the students to make sure they research their audience first, ask themselves questions like ‘how old are they?’, ‘how good are they with technology?’, ‘do they have a smartphone?’, ‘what is their preferred content format?’, ‘where are they located?’ – answers to questions like these would help to create the blog and finding the perfect audience.

Lynas further added how to amplify your audience once you’ve found out who they are. He advised: “You have to make sure you’re updating consistently”, he explained how you have to keep your content fresh, make sure you use your keywords and tag posts. More tips into amplifying your audience included: being organised, sharing content on relevant social media platforms and connect with the key influences in your audience.

For more advice and information, you can contact Sam Lynas through his blog, email or twitter:


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