Clare Jardine: Deputy Editor of The Herald

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Commitment, enthusiasm and dedication are some of the main factors needed in an aspiring journalist, Clare Jardine, The Deputy Editor of The Herald told ambitious Journalism students today.

Jardine inspired BA (Hons) Journalism students, talking about her twenty-three years of working for various newspapers. She advised what news editors look for and how to get a job with a newspaper.

“You must be able to come up with ideas, be different, stand out and know shorthand – all the best journalists I know, know shorthand,” said The Deputy editor of The Herald, Plymouth, Clare Jardine.

Jardine started off as an apprentice in 1988, when typewriters were still religiously used. Speaking out of experience, she explained the other characteristics of a good journalist, which included being competitive and 110% committed.

The job of editor or deputy editor is a lot of work and unnecessary stress. Jardine explained the daily battle she has to face because of the decline of newspaper sales.

The rate of decline in The Herald is -6% and in some big cities the rate of decline is even as big as -20%. Manchester, one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom had to start giving out free newspapers because of the growing decline.

The overall decline in sales throughout the country means that regional papers are even harder to sell. Another main issue that Jardine mentioned is that: “People would rather read stories about death and crime rather than something more important and relevant.”

Jardine hoped that the aspiring journalists would continue to follow their future plans and if they wanted to work on a newspaper, make sure they contact a news editor and send them an email that would interest them straight away.


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