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Hello! I’m Minky. I’m a 20-something travel, beauty, fashion, food, sunshine & animal aficionado from London although currently situated by the sea in Cornwall studying journalism. My biggest dream in life would be to open an orphanage in Bali/Hawaii where I can blog, surf and sunbathe in my free time. I love all things that involve cats, green tea, sweet potatoes, unicorns, avocados and vegetable crisps. You will find scattered around my blog random things from food to beauty to fashion to my travels.

I have worked in various media-related industries around the world including:
Tongue in Chic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hello Bali Magazine in Bali, Indonesia
Channel 4 in London, UK
Mail on Sunday in London, UK
EVENT Magazine in London, UK

Places I have visited:
Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Belgium, Holland, Dubai, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Scotland


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