It’s been a beautiful last two days in Falmouth this week, the sun has been scorching hot and we’ve been at the beach, sea swimming and catching the rays. Seeing people with t-shirt burns is the funniest thing (and painful!), that’s why my Friday Favourites tie into being safe in the sun yet still being able to soak in the sun! Rather to be safe than sorry!

Hawaiian Tropic’s Spray Oil (20 SPF, water resistant) and Hawaiian Tropic Sunkissed Moisturising Lip Gloss in Island Berry (25 SPF)

I got given two of each when I went to Rip Curl & Hawaiian Tropic Girls Tour and they have been everywhere with me – Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece, Cyprus, Thailand and various islands dotted around Asia. Hawaiian Tropic’s Spray Oil has been my life saviour and I can honestly say that I’ve never been burnt when I’ve used this! And I’m a serious all day tanner and they both have saved me each time.

They both smell so good, I was wearing it once and my friend said they wanted to eat me because I smelt so good – don’t know whether it was a good thing though…

The Spray Oil has a unique fragrance of Hawaiian tropical exotic flora, fruit and natural ingrediants: mango, papaya and passion fruit. It smells absolutely divine and whenever I use it it just reminds me of holidays, summer and laid-back happiness!

Most people use sunscreen everywhere but your lips, using lip products with SPF is extremely important and protects your lips from ageing and also keeps them feeling and looking healthy and vibrant. The great thing about this Lip Gloss that it’s irresistibly tasty and looks great too, all while protecting your lips.

So, avoid t-shirt burns and unhealthy lips from these Hawaiian Tropic goodies this summer, you can find the Spray Oil at Amazon for £10.69 with free UK delivery and you can get the Lip Gloss at The Sun Care Shop for £3.99 (usually £6.99) with free UK delivery and Amazon for £4.49 with free UK delivery but you can find loads more Hawaiian Tropic products at


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