Ben Ainslie wins Day 3 of races

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Yet another win for Ben Ainslie (GBR) on the third day of the Finn Gold Cup. The brutal winds that the sailors were blessed with on Tuesday was a huge push that helped Ainslie win his second day of first place after Ed Wright (GBR) won the opening race with Ainslie in second.

The sun shone upon the sailors as they prepared for the race at 10am but the wind was anything but soft, as the sailors set off into their starting spot, you could see how windy it was out at sea from Philippe Lobart (FRA) who capsized on his way to the starting line before the race even started.

As the five minute warning sounded you could see the vast amount of finns making sure to take their places at the right spot and the right time. As the one minute warning sounded, all the finns were now in line and everyone was psyched for the race to start but as the start horn was sounded a general recall was made because too many sailors were across the line.

Second time lucky, the race started again after five minutes repositioning and off the finns went to the first mark, Ed Wright had to redo the point because he did it incorectly but he still managed to make the top five in the first mark rounding which resulted as Rafael Trujillo (ESP) who came first, followed closely behind by Jonas Hoegh-Christensen (DEN), Ed Wright (GBR), Daniel Birgmark (SWE) and in fifth place was Ben Ainslie (GBR).

The crazy wind howling at 17 knots NW caused several sailors to head back ashore early, these included Akif Muslubas (TUR), Damien Boulan (FRA), John Mackie (GBR) and Philippe Le Frapper (FRA).

As the race progressed a finn capsized at the leeward gate because of the harsh turnings and the strong wins. The race was becoming more intense with a complete change of rounding when the sailors passed the leeward gate, Jonas Hegh-Christensen (DEN) was now first with Ben Ainslie (GBR) following close behind with Ivan Klijakovic Gaspic (CRO) in third and Rafael Trujillo (ESP) from first place to fourth place in the short space of the race.

In less than ten minutes at the windward mark, the final mark for the first race, Ben Ainslie (GBR) was now in first place and Jonas Hegh-Christensen (DEN) followed behind with Rafal Szukiel (POL) racing to third spot after two marks of not being in the top five.

However, Rafal Szukiel (POL) did not stay in the top three for very long, as he dropped out of the top five in the finishing line as the race finished with Ben Ainslie (GBR) in first, Jonas Hoegh-Christensen (DEN) in second, Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic (CRO) in third, at fourth was Dennis Karpak (EST) and Rafael Trujillo (ESP) in fifth place.

As the second race heard its first warning sound, the sun started to shine upon the sailors and the onlookers but yet another false start somehow jinxed it and the sun quickly disappeared. After another general recall, the race continued as normal and by the first mark the results were Jonas Hoegh Christensen (DEN) in first place, Mark Andrews (GBR) in second, Ben Ainslie (GBR) in third followed by Andrew Mlls (GBR), Eduard Skornyakov (RUS), Lei Gong (CHN) and Ed Wright (GBR).

At the last mark of the second race, Ben Ainslie (GBR) won by a long distance, followed by Tapio Nirkko (FIN) in second, Andrew Mills (GBR) in third, all followed by Ed Wright (GBR), Piotr Kula (POL), Mark Andrews (GBR), Deniss Karpak (EST), Jonas Hoegh-Christensen (DEN), Alican Kaynar (TUR) and Eduard Skornyakov (RUS).

Congratulations to all the sailors and good luck in tomorrow’s race!


2 thoughts on “Ben Ainslie wins Day 3 of races

    • It was amazing! Especially when you’re so close to the race out at sea, I went out on a press boat last Tuesday and it was such a fantastic experience!

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